Food Trip Friday 100: Italian-style fish and chips

After several months of absence, I’m back again here at FTF. And guess what, it’s my 100th post, an auspicious number if I may say so.

So here’s my entry:

italian style fish in olive oil

Nature and Sea Restaurant’s Italian-style fish and chips. Fresh and delicious.

Nature and Sea Restaurant sits on the rooftop of a corner-building in the lively Golden Street, aka, St. 278, just across Wat Langka in Phnom Penh. It’s a nice little restaurant, with a view of the wat and the Independence Monument. It is a health-food shop of sorts and all the dishes are prepared using the freshest and pesticide-free ingredients.

In my opinion, they have the best fish-n-chips in town in variety of styles –  Australian, Italian, French, Baltic, and English (of course), just to name a few. A set meal of fish-n-chips will set you back at $6.50 but it includes a serving of fresh garden salad (I prefer the mustard dressing every time) and French fries. I also ordered a glass of mango and passionate fruit shake, a very refreshing and healthy drink to complete my meal, for only $1.75. Oh, and if you still have room for it, don’t forget to order crepes for dessert. Highly-recommended.

Hollywood’s leading men are shrinking!


That’s exactly my reaction when I saw this recent photo of Jonah Hill featured on Yahoonews today. I wouldn’t have recognised him if it weren’t for the before shot. Wow, I’m so impressed!

A slimmer and absolutely cuter Jonah Hill. Click the photo for the source.

This funny guy who appeared in movies such as Superbad, Get Him to the Greek, the recently released Moneyball and many others, reportedly lost 30lbs in preparation for his new movie 21 Jumpstreet. So he is an action star now? Does that mean playing no more funny, fat but endearing guy roles for him? Whatever. I love this guy no matter his size, shape or form is. He is incredibly transformed into a new person but he’s not the only one in Hollywood to shed some extra pounds off. Do you want to know who else is shrinking? Gerard Butler, Alec Baldwin, Jason Segel, Seth Rogen are among the big names. Here’s a complete list from YahooNews.

As for myself, I just wish I could be able to shrink myself to a healthier weight. Soon.