Wordless Wednesday #14: Local Puffs

bugs copy

Fried assorted bugs!They’re favorite munchies by the locals here.

fried crickets

Here, come closer.
Crunchy. Salty. Spicy. They glisten, and they’re rich in protein, they say. Great with beer. But locals simply pop one – or a handful – in their mouths. No fuss.

This is one occassion where I can say – we didn’t eat this!

11 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #14: Local Puffs

  1. They look so appetizing (!) in the photos … but I don’t know if I will be adventurous enough to try. I tried bayawak once, it was good, but once is enough. That’s the most exotic I could go, I think.

  2. Hi ZJ, these do ‘look good’ ??I would peel mine before popping it into my mouth. :-)Hope your WW day was happy, thanks for peeking in on my goovey Blue car…

  3. ekkkknawala ang gutom ko……….aguy…..nagugutom pa ako sa mga post mo, sa mga sabi mong mga pagkain.pagdating ko rito……..aguy, parang lumabas ang kinakain ko…..huhuhuhuhu

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