Wordless Wednesday #16: Juice mio!

Living in Cambodia for a long time now makes me get used to signs that are funny or are not intending to be funny but because of the outrageous word combination (i.e., translations or context) it takes on another meaning (humorous) or no meaning at all. Previously I posted pictures of funny signs most of which I saw in my frequent trips to the countryside. This time, I am posting something that I found in a Chinese restaurant’s menu. Juice with fancy (funny) names available at one of the Chinese restaurants (forgot the name) near Hun Sen park, just a stone’s throw away from Java Cafe. Have a look:


Since it was really hot that day, so I ordered myself this:

Can you guess what I ordered??

No, not the Relieve summer heat the plum juice. They were out of stock.

Tried asking for the Keep like good health the turnip juice. No luck.

So I just settled for the cool water melon juice!

How about you, what’s your choice?

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8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #16: Juice mio!

  1. tomatoes daw kay fruits.fruits or vege?….sa akin vege.gusto ko….keep in good health fruit juice…., chinese saying ito…..parang chinese words-writing yon sa right side na kasulat ano?parang ganito ang sulat, nakalimutan ko na talaga….pati, name ko nakalimutan ko na rin…lolthnks for sharing

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