Wordless Wednesday #20: Ampao


This is my favorite childhood treat, ampao, or rice crispies, in the Philippines. Growing up in the province, chocolates and other branded sweets were a rare treat. I remember getting chocolates only on Christmas, during birthdays, and other special occasions (they are expensive) or when a relative from abroad returns home. Rice crispies, however, were our everyday treat simply because they are very affordable. They are sweet and crunchy, sometimes sprinkled with peanuts. It is rectangular in shape, about half an inch to one inch in thickness (depending on who makes them) that one has to open its mouth wider than usual to have a bite of it.

8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #20: Ampao

  1. Oo Oo Oo I didnt realise you had a food blog too!!! Im going to add it to my blog list if thats ok. Thanks for the tip about Le Cedre I might give it a go this weekend. Problem is if theyre good I might get addicted and that wouldnt be too good for the diet 😉

  2. ampao………..sus lami kaayo ni,naa pa bay ampao ron?wa na gyd ko kakita……naa pa kaha ni sa amoa pod?sauna, gamay pa ko, mao ra gyd ni makaon dayon kay mao ra man ma-kab-ot sa balon-money…..cents pa to sauna.10 singko gani tong senorita candies…..naa pa pod kaha ang 5 singko nga dolce?

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