Wordless Wednesday #21: Bok Kapik

bok kapik

… a classic Khmer dish.

A medley of raw vegetables – usually cucumber, mango, string beans, cabbage, winged beans, and baby eggplant – dipped in ground pork, kapik (shrimp paste), fresh chilli, garlic, and galangal mixture cooked in coconut milk and other Khmer spices.

12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #21: Bok Kapik

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  2. You dip the raw veg in a ground pork mix. Sounds delicious. Don’t think I have tried that. The nearest I have tried is dipping vegetables (cabbage, string beans etc) in peanut sauce.

  3. Glad your husband love the white peppered pork 🙂 Sure you can post my recipe and take one of the pics for your post but I only ask that you give me due credit for the recipe and link my blog. 🙂 I just posted mutton curry recipe yesterday – if you love spicy dish, this is very good and very easy to make.

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