13 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #3: Bangkhea chaa mareth

  1. Wow this is yummy! Are you a Filipino? This looks like paella to me. I am getting hungry here!Btw, hope yo can check my link hereDavao Food Trip. Thanks a lot!

  2. ZJ says:

    It’s really yummy – you have to taste it to be able to say you like it or not. It’s prepared the traditional way, and the green peppers add zest to the dish!Hi Tere, I’ll visit your food blog soon. Btw, I already have you linked here 😀

  3. ZJ says:

    Ettey, you are right – it smells good, too!lilli & nevada, the round things are pepper. Normally, we use dried pepper (black), here in this particular dish, the Cambodians use the fresh pepper (green) and it does give a different taste!

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